Kenworth T800 Fertilizer Spreader

This spreader is multiplayer ready and features animated spreader box gate, spinners, axle shaft, and belt. You can fill/load the spreader 3 ways: the farm or store fertilizer triggers, with a multifruit front loader bucket, or from a fertilizer tender truck or trailer

Authors: Ivan, xyzSpain, BigCountry, Manuel Leithner, TwistedGA, Looseterror


Freighliner Classic Daycab

- ES Limiter
- Manual Ignition
- Driving Particle System
- Real Exhaust Particle System
- Lighting v 3.1

Authors: Steve, Matt, Rowan, Ivan, Dylan, Softlab, wendi, Claus(bora), Corey, Bulldog, Duke, Sven777b, LS-Landtechnik, Raycer55, Rocketman


New Holland T7 Elite Pack

In Pack includes New Holland T7 Series Tractors with full script:
- New Holland T7.270
- New Holland T7070 Blue Power FL
- New Holland T7040 FL
- New Holland T7550

Authors: Monster, roller90, Lechu, Aranea, Ramiro86, Ptitminus73, BJR Modding, JDFan


HW Milk Water Trailer v 2.0

- Washable
- Capacity 15000 l
- Fruits: water, milk
- Shuttle for greenhouses / Animals (all water needs)
- Excess water can be emptied
- Loadable / sale also for the standard Milktrigger
- Log clean

Author: TSL


Griffiths Fenlander 16T More Realistic

- Grain sheet
- Real strobe flasher with lit decal
- Adjustable drawbar with three different heights
- Light script, all new lit up coronas using decals
- Wheel particles
- Fruits: potato, sugarbeet, manure, grass, chaff, forage, silage, wheat, rape, maize, barley

Authors: Neurotek, Xentro, Sven777b, PeterJ, BM-modding, Dural, Peter (Petorious)